Evolving societal and environmental expectations require advanced solutions -- and you need a business partner with the experience, foresight and know-how to deliver raw materials designed for lighter, faster and greener 21st century applications.

At Rain Carbon, our businesses have spent more than 150 years anticipating changes in customer requirements. We have watched technological advancements stretch the imagination of what's possible. And we have used our experience and innovation to develop essential raw materials that have enabled customers to introduce countless cutting-edge products.

In recent years, advances in science and engineering have unleashed the potential of coal and petro tars -- two of our core raw materials -- and we are rapidly mobilizing to leverage new opportunities made possible by these advancements.

  • Chemical Intermediates
  • Resins
  • Engineered Products
Chemical Intermediates

Chemical intermediates includes naphthalene derivates that are primarily produced from our internal naphthalene fractions, which are further processed into downstream products. . Phthalic anhydride is used in construction, plastics and as specialty chemicals in other industries. 

We also produce BTX products -- benzene, toluene and xylene -- from the secondary distillation of crude benzene, a liquid by-product derived in conversion of coal into metallurgical coke used for pig iron and steel production. A substantial part of our crude benzene is procured from third parties. Benzene, toluene and crude xylene are critical inputs for several chemicals-based substances. Applications of toluene and crude xylene include use as solvents for inks and paints.


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We produce aromatic hydrocarbon resin products that are based on either petrochemical or coal tar distillate raw materials. Our petrochemical-based resins are used primarily for applications in adhesives and printing inks. Our coal tar-based resins are used primarily for applications in coatings, rubber tires and other end-user rubber products. We sell most of our petrochemical-based resins in the European, Asian and North American markets. We sell most of our coal tar-based resins products within the European market.

We also produce thermoplastic hydrocarbon resins and "water-white" hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins sold under the NOVARES ® brand. Click here to learn more about NOVARES resins.

Phenolics are produced from the downstream refining of carbolic oil that we internally distill from coal tar, as well as carbolic oil and other raw materials we purchase from third parties. Anthracene and carbazole are produced from the downstream refining of anthracene oil that we internally distilled from coal tar. We also produce acetophenone and 3.5-xylenol which are produced from petrochemical-based raw materials we purchase from third parties.

Engineered Products

Our innovative CARBORES® binder, an engineered pitch product made at our facility in Castrop-Rauxel, Germany, combines the advantages of coal tar pitch products and phenolic resins.

Coal tar pitch contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that require special safety precautions be taken during its use. CARBORES® is a substitute binder used in carbon-containing refractory products and graphite products, created with a dramatically reduced concentration of PAHs. Consistent with our commitment to environmental sustainability, we are developing additional applications for this eco-friendly binder and working to further improve the outstanding environmental qualities of CARBORES®.

While designed for refractory products, the property profile of CARBORES® also allows for it to be substituted for standard coal tar pitch in other applications.

CARBORES® is available in three product lines:

  • CARBORES® T: A binder for the production of monolithic refractory products, it is available in different viscosities, delivered as a liquid at ambient temperature.
  • CARBORES® F: A binder with different softening points for the production of refractory bricks and for specialty graphite, delivered in molten or solid form.
  • CARBORES® P: A high-performance binder for shaped and monolithic refractory products as well as for specialty graphite, delivered as a solid or powder.

Our engineered products also include:

  • PETRORES®, which is used in specialty applications such as lithium-ion batteries and energy storage.
  • LP Sealer Base, a petrochemical-based pavement sealer.

Demand for these one-of-a-kind advanced materials is increasing due to their eco-friendly characteristics, and Rain Carbon is constantly working to bring additional products to the market to help customers meet evolving environmental and societal requirements.