Innovation is a collaborative process that includes the continuous improvement of our products and processes

After more than 160 years of operation, we truly understand the value creation potential that innovation brings.

The Rain Carbon Inc. (RCI) research and development teams thrive at developing and improving the properties of our products to maximize performance. We anticipate our customers' future needs and develop sustainable solutions to improve business performance. This can take the form of reducing the consumption of energy or raw materials, by decreasing the impact on the workplace and environment, or by improving the properties of the end products.

Thanks to the efforts of our R&D team, the properties of Coal Tar Pitch (CTP) have improved significantly over the past decades. In 2001, the high-performance binder, CARBORES®, a RÜTGERS innovation, was introduced to the market. CARBORES® contains 90 percent fewer toxic substances than traditional electrode binder materials and has opened up new markets and opportunities especially in the refractory industry.

In 2013, the R&D experts from our Rain CII and RÜTGERS companies were able to join forces under the RCI umbrella to optimize the use of Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) and CTP in the manufacture of anodes for production of aluminum. We now operate a truly state-of-the-art pilot anode facility in Castrop-Rauxel, Germany, and have extensive development work underway to improve the performance of anode materials. RCI companies have been industry leaders in this area and have published more than 20 technical papers and patents over the last 15 years.

RCI companies have a long history of working collaboratively with customers, and we are globally recognized for our expertise in resins, modifiers and carbon materials. Some of the specific initiatives offered with our customer technical services activities include the following:

  • Provision of laboratory work on specific projects for customers
  • Initiation and management of industry-wide round robin programs
  • Organization of technical symposia which provide an opportunity to share knowledge on how our end products are used
  • Frequent participation and presentation at technical conferences around the world
  • Audits of plant operations to identify potential improvement opportunities and provision of technical resources to identify and resolve quality and process inefficiencies

Innovation needs creativity and our goal is to encourage and capture the creativity of all of our 1,650 employees. We believe in a work environment that encourages new ideas and enables our employees to contribute to the culture of innovation we are seeking for ourselves and our customers.