Our core values outline our responsibilities to our employees, our customers and our suppliers.

Vision, Mission, and Values
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Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the world’s most trusted provider of diversified carbon products and advanced materials renowned for delivering high-quality products safely, reliably, efficiently and responsibly.

We strive to be a modern industrial group of companies demonstrating the Resourcefulness, Reliability and Responsibility that meets the evolving challenges of global commerce and operations.

We are acutely aware of, and are focused on global issues, the future of our industries with respect to mutually beneficial relationships with people, enlightened innovation driven by collaborative science, and efficient operations that are sensitive to ecology.

Mission Statement

Rain Carbon Inc. is a progressive industrial company committed to collaborative science-driven innovations that result in safe, reliable and efficient operations to ensure outstanding results for our customers, partners, employees and investors. We are good citizens of the world, transforming other industries’ byproducts into strategically important value-added products, converting waste gases into clean power, and investing in our employees’ safety and well-being. Our impact on the environment is minimal, and we support important causes in the communities where we live and work.

Rain Carbon Inc. (RCI) companies serve industrial customers with quality calcined petroleum coke, coal tar pitch and distillates, and advanced materials as key ingredients for their products and processes. We are committed to safe, reliable and efficient operations that ensure outstanding results for our customers, partners, employees and investors. Our values form the foundation for the behaviors and beliefs we are committed to as a company. We value:

  • Our employees: We invest in their safety, well-being and fulfillment as professionals. Together, we are a united and powerful workforce in our business and in the communities where we operate.
  • Our environment: We strive to minimize our impact on the environment. We continue to invest heavily in systems that minimize our negative impact on the environment and to innovate new ways to gain environmental value from our industrial process. We support the communities where we live and work.
  • Our suppliers and customers: We nurture our long-standing partnerships with suppliers and customers alike. Our industry-focused relationships have been built over numerous decades. We are the company of choice for the world’s premier aluminum and titanium dioxide plants, and provide them with consistent and sustainable high-quality products and sophisticated technical services. We recognize that the future of our suppliers and customers is our future – and we invest in mutually beneficial improvements.

Our Core Values are the behaviors and beliefs we expect of every employee across Rain Carbon's global businesses.
These are the ways in which we measure our individual performance:

  • Integrity - Honest, responsible, trustworthy, and ethical in conduct.
  • Flexibility - Accept and promote change with a positive attitude and open mind.
  • Courage - Act with conviction and be willing to share and support new ideas.
  • Teamwork - Working together cooperatively and openly.
  • Respect - Thoughtful and sympathetic regard for others.
  • Commitment - Dedication to excellence in everything we do.

Building Blocks for Success

Our six Building Blocks for Success represent the key beliefs and behaviors we are committed to as a company. They are the hallmark of our culture, and bind us together as an organization. We hold ourselves accountable to these standards because they articulate our priorities and set the course for our future as people and a company.

Our Building Blocks serve Rain Carbon Inc. companies, our customers and suppliers, and those around us in important ways. They include:

  • The goals we are committed to as an organization that help us grow as an industry leader
  • A memorable way to ensure we are truly working together as a team, across our businesses and in our communities
  • A reminder of how each employee brings value to each other, our suppliers, our customers, the environment and the communities in which we live and work

Together with our Values — by which we evaluate our individual performance — our Building Blocks will help us achieve our Vision. They are grouped according to their individual focus:

For our employees:

  • Safety – Protecting our employees, contractors, visitors and the public from injury and illness by making safety a way of life through ongoing education, awareness and enforcement of our safety policies and procedures.
  • Employee Well-being – Providing comprehensive wellness programs and a supportive work environment to help our employees and their families improve their overall quality of life.

For our customers:

  • Reliability – Managing supplier relationships, plant operations and support functions across the company to consistently meet our customers’ expectations for product quality and timeliness.
  • Efficiency – Optimizing the use of all of our resources including physical facilities, processes, and employee skills and knowledge to continually improve performance.

For our world:

  • Environmental responsibility – Recognizing and minimizing our ecological impact on the Earth and our communities.
  • Community involvement – Supporting educational, social and charitable causes in the communities where we live and work, both as a company and as individuals.