Rain Carbon is helping product manufacturers around the world meet rapidly evolving societal and regulatory requirements by supplying advanced materials made possible by our ability to unlock the unique properties inherent in coal tar.

The first step in producing our coal tar-derivative advanced materials is the distillation process, in which coal tar is separated into fractions to produce various intermediate materials. These distillation fractions include intermediates such as coal tar pitch, anthracene oils, creosote, naphthalene and crude benzene.

Further separation and processing of our intermediate materials brings an array of more than 100 chemical species across the major chemical groups including aliphatics, aromatics, oxygenics including phenolics and nitrogenous compounds. The unique properties of these coal tar derivatives and their follow-on products span a versatile range of molecular weights and reactivities, allowing for a selection of compounds ideally suited to myriad applications and markets.

These diverse markets and uses include adhesives, coatings, polymers, dyes, insecticides, preservatives, paints, soaps, resins, modifiers for the paper industry, rubber additives, cosmetics, dispersants and even medical applications. Rain Carbon's scientists are continuously researching and developing innovative product applications within these markets -- and beyond -- to leverage the unique properties derived from the components of coal tar.